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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood retold and illustrated by Trina Schart Hyman is a Caldecott Honor book. Published in 1983, Hyman decided to recreate the classic Grimm tale because it was always her favorite as a young girl. She even wore a red cape as often as she could! The book is obviously a bit dated now but it is enjoyable nonetheless. The story is extremely Grimm-traditional and follows Little Red Riding Hood on her way to her grandmother's house. She is stopped on her way by a wolf who engages her in friendly conversation. While he encourages her to go pick flowers, he runs ahead to her grandmother's house and eats her. When Little Red Riding Hood arrives she is quickly eaten by the wolf. Then a hunter that was looking for the wolf popped by to check on the grandmother. When he saw the wolf he cut open his belly and out popped Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. The wolf was dead and everyone was happy. They all lived happily ever after!

The endpapers of the text are white and the front matter and back matter are appropriately deep red. The title page shows a young Little Red Riding Hood reading this same book by Hyman. The illustrations are true to Grimm style and framed perfectly. One page is a full picture while the other has text and extremely detailed borders. The colors are darker with deep recurring shades of brown, green, and a pop of red. The use of line is absolutely incredible. I love the Grimm illustrations and their classic theme although bright colors are more my style.

Children and adults are sure to love Hyman's version of Little Red Riding Hood. It is classically told and so beautifully illustrated. It is a tale to be read and retold for ages!

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