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Friday, April 11, 2014

Earth to Clunk

Earth to Clunk was written by Pam Smallcomb and illustrated by Joe Berger. It was published in 2011 by The Penguin Group. It is a hilarious and light-hearted science fiction picture book that is sure to be a hit with young audiences. This is the story of a young boy who is given the writing assignment in class to write to his pen pal Clunk from the planet Quazar. At first, our young narrator is annoyed with the assignment and decides to send Clunk his big sister (hilarious). But in return, Clunk sent him a "Zoid," which is a weird dandelion-looking creature that follows him around. So, naturally, our friend sends Clunk his old dirty socks which is reciprocated by three "Forp" creatures. This pattern continues until one day his Mother says that he needs to get his sister back. Our narrator then realizes how much fun he is having with his alien pen pal. Just when he is afraid he will never hear from Clunk again, he visits for a sleep over. Oh, and the narrator's bossy big sister is returned, also. I guess being pen pals with an alien isn't so bad, after all.

This story line is sure to charm children of all ages. It was nice to read a science-fiction picture book that could easily be enjoyed by both boys and girls. The illustrations are bright and lively! They are full bleed and most span the full two pages. There is a lot going on each page that is sure to capture the attention and interest of young readers. The endpapers tell a short story all on their own also. Children will definitely love this short story of aliens, mischief, and fun!

This book serves not only as a funny science-fiction book also teaches important lessons for kids. The moral I received from the story was to always try new things because you could be pleasantly surprised. Perhaps you will even become best friends with an alien! I plan on reading this book to my second graders as soon as possible!

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