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Friday, April 11, 2014

TIME For Kids: X Why Z?

TIME For Kids: X Why Z? was written by Mark Shulman and James Buckley Jr. in 2013 by Time Home Entertainment. It is an information book that answers a multitude of kids' most commonly asked random questions. To be honest, I learned A LOT from this book! It was fascinating!

The Table of Contents splits the book into seven main sections and colors entitled Human Body (pink), Animals (orange), Nature (green), Earth & Space (blue), Inventions (purple), Places (red), and History (brown). Once you turn the page into a section, the questions and facts are spread out in random areas. The question being answered is in bold font and color with the answer underneath. The facts are accurate and child-friendly which is sure to engage younger students of all ages. Additionally, each question and answer is accompanied with a real photograph that effectively corresponds to the text. There is also a "X Why Z? Fact" on almost every page that has a bonus interesting fact. For example, did you know walrus tusks can be three feet long? Me neither!

The photographs, fonts, and pages are all very vibrantly colored. The questions and answers are spread out enough on each page that they are still easy to read. There is a lot going on with each page visually and the reader will definitely be engaged. Also, the headings are very helpful in navigating around each section since one could get lost after a while. There is a small index in the back of the book that helps the reader with locating specific information and topics. I would recommend this book as an interesting read for second grade and above. I think all students would find X Why Z? fascinating and engaging, just like I did!

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